Electrofied is nominated for two WAMMIES

In the overall BLUES/TRADITIONAL R&B category for:

Blues Matters (UK) review

Bad Case Of The Blues
Marva Records

Created in 2002 by Tony Fazio (guitar) and Richard James Burgess (drums), Electrofied made an impression with their first album released in 2005: “Sunday Morning Blues”. It was then followed two years later by “Live Performances”. Having joined the band in 2005 to replace Lane Whigham, Scott Taylor is certainly impressive on this new album with his voice perfectly integrating the band’s sound. He also wrote all the tracks on this album, eight with Tony Fazio and two with Richard Burgess. From the first track, ‘Bad Case Of The Blues’, you’re blown away by a groove which destroys everything on its way. Having perfectly digested all influences, this band has produced a sound which is now their own and which is instantly recognisable. And when Electrofied goes back to a slow Blues such as ‘Rub Me Down’, it’s to dig out some little gems from the guitar or on vocals before giving it their all on an explosive ‘It Ain’t Right’. The harmonicist, Charlie Sayles has been invited to bring a wave of madness on tracks such as ‘Life Is Like A Boomerang’. And this boomerang comes back again and again throughout the album. There are albums you really don’t need to know why and how they’ve been created, and ‘Bad Case Of The Blues’ is one of those, an example of the kind of power Blues can have. The opus ends with a showstopper, ’99 Miles’, one of those slow Blues which kills you every time. An amazing album
Frankie Bluesy Pfeiffer and Nat Harra www.bluesmatters.com


MARVA Records is proud to present: Bad Case of the Blues by Electrofied
Electrofied's second album, Bad Case of the Blues, finds the intrepid founders, virtuoso blues-guitarist, Tony Fazio and, legendary drummer/producer, Richard James Burgess now powerfully augmented by, soul and gospel inflected vocalist, Scott Taylor (who had a #1 club hit in the UK) and the rock-solid bass underpinnings of Rob Rusteburg. Bad Case of the Blues features ten original compositions performed live in Déjà vu studios by five respected musicians; each in their musical prime venerating the diversity of blues expression. Electrofied fuses the various traditions of blues, gospel, R&B, jazz and rock. Reflecting well lived lives, their homespun melodic tales are built solidly on a century’s worth of irresistible grooves: This is a Bad Case of the Blues

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Electrofied's 2006 debut album, Sunday Morning Blues, featured highly-respected mid-Atlantic blues-shouter Lane Whigham and master-bassist Charles Solomon along with founder members, blues-guitar whiz, Tony Fazio and, the internationally acclaimed drummer/producer, Richard James Burgess. Performed live in a single three hour session on a sunny Sunday morning at Race Track studios and featuring ten classic blues titles, Sunday Morning Blues was the first chapter in the continuing saga that is Electrofied. The power-quartet which is also known as the Electrofied Blues Band has played gigs featuring celebrated writer/singer/blues harpist Charlie Sayles and powerhouse diva Nadine Rae along with many others. Individually the band members have played with too many artists to count.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Huge Thanks To Ida Campbell at WPFW Pacifica in Washington DC

We want to send a huge thank you and much love to Ida Campbell for featuring Electrofied live in the WPFW studios yesterday from noon to 1pm. The session was a ton of fun and thank you to all our fans and our colleagues in the blues community who called in to the studio. Thanks also to everyone at WPFW for being so nice and helpful yesterday and, in general, for keeping great music alive.


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